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What Is a Thunderstorm? (Hardcover)

What Is a Thunderstorm?

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What Causes Thunderstorms? Weather Science (Video)

Even though there is a severe drought in the area where we live, thunderstorms are still a common spring occurrence. I have shown my kid how rain was created before. Now she's curious how thunderstorms form and what causes them. So what is a thunderstorm? A thunderstorms is a storm with lightnings and thunders. What causes a thunderstorm? It is caused by unstable and humid air. When unusually warm air near the land surface rises or unusually cold air in the upper atmosphere falls (and…


Everything about a thunderstorm is intensely saturated with anticipation and vibrancy; a good thunderstorm makes the whole world feel precarious and tingly and alive. It's gorgeous.

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TOP 10 Nature's Phenomena

mammatus clouds, these strange, pouchy formations often occur in association with a thunderstorm


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Type 1 Intestinal What this means: - Horse's gut is inactive - not digesting food properly - Horse has improper pH balance When weather changes occur (Summer going into Fall) horses' digestion slows down and their liver function goes dormant and their metabolism slows down. The slower gut function effects their digestion and water balance which is where Gastric Acid can build up in some horses. This slowing down of their system is something that happens automatically to conserve energy…

This is what a thunderstorm looks like from above. Created by a meteorologist, this gives wonderful science information and some fun experiments. I've used this recently with my son to learn about clouds and thunderstorms. #homeschooling


This is writer heaven right here!>>I looked up a few of these words on and it didn't seem to recognize them....Still love em though


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