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What Is A Tribe

Camiree is your character's girlfriend. She coaxes you to take her on a date to the ocean and after spending an amazing day, she kisses you and then tries not to cry. What do you do?


The Griot is the storyteller of their tribe who passes on the history of their people orally. It is said when a Griot dies, a library has burned to the ground. A Griot is a human library. A Griot is a storyteller. A Griot is a historian. In many African tribes, a Griot is all of these things and more, a tangible link to the past. Someone who could touch you with stories and facts about what kind of person you are.


What is a Blogging Tribe? (Plus, How to Find Your Tribe

Blogging Tips | How to Blog | What is a Blogging Tribe? | Tips on how new bloggers can connect with other bloggers and start to form their own tribes


Crowfoot was a warrior who fought in as many as 19 battles and sustained many injuries. While many believe Chief Crowfoot had no part in the North-West Rebellion, he did in fact participate to an extent due to his son's connection to the conflict.[3] Crowfoot died of tuberculosis at Blackfoot Crossing on April 25, 1890. Eight hundred of his tribe attended his funeral, along with government dignitaries.


Keep what is worth keeping ~ and with a Breath of Kindness ~ blow the rest away ⊱♡⊰ NEW YEAR BLESSINGS!


The Mashantucket Pequots are an Eastern Woodland people with its traditional homelands in what is now known as Southeastern Connecticut having endured centuries of conflict, survival and continuity on and around one of America's oldest Indian reservations, established in 1666. The fox stands as a vigilant reminder of the turbulent times when the Pequot adopted the name, which remains today, The Fox People. As the first native people within the borders of the continental United States to…