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What Is A Trope


A mighty king.

What if instead of a king, it was a prince/princess because they couldn't find the right royal for them? That would be a great story


(Open rp be the classmate) I walk in void black damp curls with thick black glasses. I had no time to get ready today so I had to come in this "S-sorry I'm late" I feel the stares glad my glasses some what blurred my bright blue eyes as I sit trying to ignore the stare I feel on me. Then I feel a paper thrown at me as I grab it 'meet me at on the roof at lunch' who was it from I wonder


I read this! I read a fanfic with this idea but I don't remember what it was, not even the ship. I do remember the person had the same name on both their wrists, so that was super interesting


Why does deep emotion solidify stories and grant them brilliant realism? And what’s the secret for grabbing your readers' emotions in your own stories?

This is called Phy-Dip. AKA physiological diplopia Brock String training is VERY EFFECTIVE for the correction of esophoria/exophoria, as well as enhancing the correction of trope cases. Brock string is also EXCELLENT in improving depth perception for ANYONE, and a cheap enhancer for sports vision! So cheap. So easy. So easily missed for those reasons!

from Space and Sorcery

SciFi Month 2016 Review: ADMIRAL, by Sean Danker (Evagardian #1)

When I read the first reviews for this book I was quite intrigued: the trope about people waking up in a damaged ship and not knowing what happened is one I’ve always found fascinating.  As I…