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What Is A Vigilante

What's your digital footprint? Infographic on the importance linked to your digital footprint. There are 6-8 and 9-12 lesson plan ideas at the bottom.

5-Day Weight Watchers Menu with SmartPoints! #ww #smartpoints

5-Day Weight Watchers Menu with SmartPoints


DIY carbon tape Taser-proof jacket

What if a criminal attacked from behind, and he had a taser? You can make taser/stun-proof clothing from your jacket, hoodie, trousers, coat, or gloves. (scheduled via


Hush | Block out the world. Hear what you need. Pop in the “Hush” plugs. and fall asleep to soothing sounds like ocean waves and rainfall. These smart earplugs also have a notification filter and know to ping you only for the important stuff. They can also wake up you and only you


Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante?

"Hell yes, that['s] what I expect. That is your job. If not you, then who? And if you don't, why should I read you? So get on with it." -- Comment under question from NYT Public Editor: "Should The Times Be a Truth Vigilante?"


Masks or helmets in general tended to fascinate me, not only because of their designs but because of what they can hide or the atmosphere they can project. Most science-fiction designs I'd imagine hail towards someone wearing a mask or helm.


Pamela Anderson Never Felt Beautiful and Plans to Tone Down Her Look

So this one talks about Pamela Anderson but the images they show at the beginning and end of the video about her new look show her with Obliphica Professional! Woo!