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Guess. What. Day. It. Is! HUMP DAY!!! HAPPY HUMP DAY XD. Lets spam Pintrest with this. Sign your name and go on! <3 ChocolateBows *TBCI* (real name: Alexis <3) <


All you need is red, white and blue construction paper to make the chains. What a great wall or bulletin board display for Veterans' Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day, or ANY time you want to show your patriotic side in the school!


An oldie, but goodie that I made a few years ago in remembrance of my grandfather, who bravely risked his life and lost his brothers in WW II. He never discussed those days with us...the few stories we know were relayed through our parents many years ago. What I do know for sure, is that he was an awesome man who loved his family dearly. I spent my early childhood in Scotland, where I have precious memories of wearing bright red poppies every November in remembrance for those who lost…


Victory Day (9 May) " Victory Day, as he was far from us, As in the fire melted extinct coal. There were miles, charred in the dust - This day we were approaching as they could. Chorus: This Victory Day Smell of gunpowder, This holiday With graying at the temples. It is a joy With tears in his eyes. Days and nights in open-hearth furnaces Our homeland is not closed eyes. Days and nights of hard fought battle -This day we were approaching as they could.