Close reading - here is a fun little freebie to get you started or help you along the way.

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As you know, I am a big fan of close reading. I think close reading engages students so much more...

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What is close reading, anyway? This post shares exactly what it it is, with a free printable close reading bookmark and poster - plus a detailed lesson and link to free curriculum!

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FREE! Are you interested in starting close reading, but unsure of how to start? This blog post breaks down the WHAT of close reading to help you thoroughly understand it! Free info! Understanding Close Reading: Part 1 - What is Close Reading?- Young Teacher Love Blog

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Close Reading Anchor Chart Understanding the Standards- breaking down each close read with the standards. Are you confused on how to implement close reading? Check out this post to get a CLEAR understanding of what close reading actually is. Understanding Close Reading: Part 1 - What is Close Reading? Young Teacher Love Blog

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Close listening lays the foundation for close reading. Try close listening even with upper grades before moving on to close reading.

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