From foundation and contour, to blush and eyebrows, to eyeshadow and eyeliner, this collection of makeup tutorials is just what you need to teach yourself not only how to apply makeup, but how to apply makeup properly.

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Your skin is glowing, your foundation is flawless, what next? Time to contour. While contouring your face may appear intimidating at first, it's important to remember that you're merely defining th...

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I asked you guys on Instagram what you'd like to see for tutorials, and one of the most requested by far was a contouring tutorial. So, here it is! There's a ton of different ways to contour - some liquid, some like powder - some do it under their foundation, some do it over top, it's all a matter of personal preference. For me, I like to start my contouring process by applying a light coverage liquid foundation all over. I choose to highlight/contour with liquid or cream, becau...

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