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(NaNoWriMo Day 11): 9th Key Scene: The Epiphany | Today I talk about another key scene, the Epiphany. I go over what it is, where it occurs in a story and how it’s implemented in three genres: action, romance, mystery.


In love or lonely? Vote on 'General Hospital's' best/worst couples! Every once in a while a week of General Hospital ends up being what viewers call filler. Nothing earth-shattering seems to happen and you begin the week not far from where you started. With 52 weeks of programming its almost inevitable. Favorite Couple Were keeping this limited to couples who are currently as of this writing together. And then paring it down to those who are actually happy with one another and often…

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Inside an SLP's Bubble with Super Power Speech

I am thrilled to continue our series of SLPs sharing what ideas and thoughts are in their ‘speech bubbles’. Today, Cheri from Super Power Speech is joining us to talk about the SLPs role in collaborating! Close to ten years ago I had an epiphany. I may have been slow to figure this one out, …

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What is Three Kings Day?

Three Kings Day | Learn about the history and traditions of this holiday (also known as the Epiphany), including when Three Kings Day is celebrated. #Hallmark #HallmarkIdeas


Crossover — Kuroko no Basuke/K Project | Kuroko Tetsuya. Isana Yashiro | When I first saw this I thought that it was one those random cross-overs, which it is BTW, but then... I had epiphany. The one who made this obviously liked Kuroko the most, if the past submissions could be believed, and they were certainly a fujoshi/fudanshi... so what if it was drawn as a pairing? "Oh shite."-Didn't that cross your mind as well? And I most definitely would like to know who came up with this! (・∀・)

May silence make you strong! What a classy way to stay strong from within.... I can't be broken because I won't let you break me but I'm the only one who needs to know this truth from within. Broken people can't break those of us who are whole. #Epiphany


Manger on the mantel. *children choose a little card that says where to move it and what to think about and is often paired with a charitable action.

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i think this one is important especially for us ladies. For some reason we are so hard on ourselves and so overly self critical. We all need to give ourselves a break and enjoy who we are

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What You Need to Know About Story Structure

What You Need to Know About Story Structure - Glenn M. Benest breaks down story structure into three acts in is three-part webinar series. Sign up for one or all three to learn tips to get your screenplay outlined like a pro.


Esther's Epiphany: 'I've FINALLY figured it out! ALL I have to do is decide what I want and talk myself into it. That's EVERYTHING, you know? *Abraham-Hicks Quotes (AHQ1448) #esstherhicks