People who think they are perfect and go around putting others down, belittling them, trying to point out weaknesses and using it in a very negative way are narcissistic. It takes a HUGE EGO to knock someone else down and hurt them when you yourself are full of flaws. Leave people alone. What is the point of going out and purposely hurting others other than to get your ego boost. Typical narcissistic behavior.

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"The sign of a beautiful person is that they always see beauty in others." A great quote for a girl's room.

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Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Bitcoins But Were Too Broke To Ask! --- from -- | via @Ron Callari

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I don't think I'm beautiful. At times I think I look pretty, but all it takes is a bad picture of me, seeing gorgeous girls, people pointing out my flaws and I start feeling horrible about myself. I try not to let people's opinions of me affect the way I see myself, but sometimes it's so hard. People tell me I'm perfect, gorgeous, pretty, beautiful, but they don't see what I see. I just don't see myself being good enough.

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Like a peacock, your beauty is multiplied when you spread your wings and show the world your stuff! Don't be afraid to be who you are - each peacock feather is flawed and imperfect, but collectively they create something of great beauty. Your flaws are what make you perfect! ~Unknown #Beauty # Positivity

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When you truly love someone, you love them despite or even because of their flaws. And you know with certainty that you could forgive them for anything and what you want most is for them to be happy.

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May have shed some tears...beautiful relationship between malificent and aurora!♡ Pinterest : @uniquenaja ♡

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This could not be a truer statement. You're caught stealing. Then, instead of doing the right thing and admit what you did, you start blaming other people - because nothing is ever your fault. EVER. The mistakes don't make you a bad person ... the fact you don't own what you do and you try to drag others to your level does.

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Healthy, average, and unhealthy personality levels. (Litgram: An interesting chart for character traits and flaws. Could be used for analysis or creation. Is this character healthy? liberated? Why not? Do you agree with this chart? What would you change?)

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