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Dental Flossing, it is such a common thing but still many people donot floss thier teeth correctly. there are different kinds of dental flossing available im market. Using correct techinque to floss teeth is very important for oral hygiene.

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Always make a game out of any life lessons then its fun for your kids: Trapped stars, a mini galaxy-glup magic past for your child cute what I use to give my daughter. I think its always a great way to incorporate good oral hygiene even at this age and teach your children how to floss...I called it getting all the little monster out of your teeth or they will take over your body. haha so I laugh but she is a teen now and still no please teach your kids good oral…


JUDY MARTIN : Rough couching, over raveled weft threads, un-separated floss, and narrow strips of denim. It evokes Starry Night. "The threads and fabrics are familiar things used in an unfamiliar way. What is usually used to make a neat seam or a mended pocket, is used here in a messy and raveled manner." Read her post and enjoy the detail photos.


Phil Collins - In The Air Tonight - one of my favs from back in the day! Saw Phil in Reno once. Was like, WHAT, Phil is that you?


They never did skimp on the blood, but seeing this just...yeah. There is nothing pretty about being a hunter. Remember in "Changing Channels" when Sam was going to stitch Dean up and he said he needed dental floss and whiskey? I now want to learn to do "meatball" surgery using those tools. Not good.

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Even though some of the companies profiled have struggled as of late this book will continue to be a classic. It got very very dry near the end but there's some great take-aways in here....especially on Level 5 leaders, still looking to work for one.


I love to floss! I love to floss! Oh god how I love to floss! Smooth string on my gums! Make it cut the gums just a little! Just a little! (Blue Velvet)


I do not know what this is but it has wonderful color and texture. To me it looks like thick skeins of silk embroidery floss.


These flower fairies are made from fake flower pedals, floral wire and embroidery floss.... each one original...every fairy has a unique dress and hairdo.