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9 Proven Health Benefits of Green Tea | Green tea is good for your health - we've all heard that from somewhere before. But what has actually been scientifically proven? We've pored over the academic journals and research papers to come up with this list of 9 proven benefits of green tea. Take a look at this compilation - you might be surprised by what’s on the list!


A Look at Food - what to eat and what not to eat (or at least eat in small quantities

Green tea is always a firm favourite, helping with inflammation as well as supporting blood glucose regulation.


Lemon juice is very good ingredient to cleanse out the system and ginger has anti-inflammatory benefits. It helps to keep your skin clear and acne free. What you need: green tea -1 bag Lemon juice- from 1/2 lemon Ginger – 1 inch honey – ½ tablespoon Recipe – Brew a cup of green tea along with slices of ginger and allow it to steep for 5-10 minutes. Mix in the lemon juice and honey and consume this drink in the morning. More detox tea recipes on the blog #tea #detox #skintea #clearskin ...


Reduce Belly Bloat With This Flat Belly Tea Recipe

Flat Belly Tea Recipe * 1 cup organic hot green tea * 1tbsp raw apple cider vinegar * Juice from a lemon half * Stevia or raw honey to taste 1. Brew 1-2 tea bags of green tea in 8oz of filtered water. 2. Add apple cider vinegar, lemon juice and stevia to taste. 3. Stir and enjoy! What's your best tip for de-bloating or ditching the coffee habit?


DIY Green Tea and Peppermint Bath Soak

Searching for a soothing balth soak? This DIY Green Tea and Peppermint Bath Soak is soothing, energizing and just what you need! Mix it up in just a few minutes and you'll be soaking before you know it!


A Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Uji, Japan

Here's what it's like to experience a traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Uji, Japan. A visit to Nakamura Tokichi Honten, a 160-year-old Japanese green tea company just outside of Kyoto, Japan that offers tourists the opportunity to participate in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony.


Homemade Anti-Inflammatory Green Tea Honey Face Wash

Green tea is amazing for your skin. That’s what makes this all natural DIY face wash so great. It is perfect for people with sensitive skin, and it is naturally anti-inflammatory. And unlike a lot of homemade face washes, it actually has some foaming action. The green tea can reduce the appearance of pores and make your skin look fresh and young! Honey makes it a great moisturizing and gentle face wash for sensitive skin. And you won't believe how easy it is to make!

Who doesn't love a good infographic??Even better: This one is about matcha! What's Better About Matcha Tea Infographic

The Health Benefits of Green Tea

Who doesn't love a good infographic??Even better: This one is about matcha! What's Better About Matcha Tea Infographic


Copycat Green Tea Frappuccino

This Starbucks matcha frappuccino is the perfect way to recharge at the begging, middle, or end of your day. Unwind with this healthy matcha drink.