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It came out on Digital HD and you know what that means? EDITS!! GIFS!! The fandom is about to explode.

I have so many questions about this picture:What is happening?Where does LaF begin and kbearluna end?Who let them near the sharp power tools?Where’s Perry?patreon | commissions | (Adobe Photoshop CS6; Paint Tool Sai; Wacom Cintiq 22HD; Original is 2000 x 1408 px)All characters belong to their respective owners© 2015 Eevachu. All rights reservedDo not repost on Tumblr or to other sites.

Gerard Butler sings "No One Would Listen", Deleted Phantom of the Opera song. They should have kept this in the movie!!! It totally shows what Phantom's life was like, and his feelings for Christine. Breaks my heart. Fact: The melody is familar because the words were changed and turned into the song "Learn To Be Lonely."

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Brand new The Hunger Games Franchise Digital HD cover art. Seems like they were done to match the Blu-ray/digital cover for Mockingjay - Part 2… a re-release of the individual films on the way?