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What Is Acid Reflux Disease?

If you have heartburn or regurgitation at least twice a week for multiple weeks, then your symptoms fit the typical definition of acid reflux disease. This...

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Vicious circle of GERD and IBS

What is the connection between IBS and GERD. Why you are treating heartburn all wrong and what is the role of low stomach acid in acid reflux.


20 foods to immediately alleviate heartburn symptoms

Suffering from heartburn: here is what to eat :).

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A Simple Full Moon Ritual to Release Negativity + Promote Forgiveness

The full moon is the perfect time to release what no longer serves you, and completing a ritual creates the feeling that something special is happening.


Grilled Chicken with Salad for dinner this evening. Quick Health Tip: Do you know what happens to your body when you overeat? 1. Your stomach swells 2. You start feeling bloated & gassy 3. Heartburn starts to set in 4. Excess calories are stored 5. Organs work overtime 6. You may feel drowsy & tired 7. You feel nauseated Eating more than your body needs over and over again is the best strategy for weight gain.

This is just a sneak peak into my Wellness Cabinet. I've incorporated these essential oils and oil infused products into every aspect of my life. From cooking to cleaning healthcare to self-care these oils have absolutely blessed my life. A few ways that I use these oils: - For sneezing and itchy watery eyes - Scratchy throat - Ear discomfort - Sore muscles and joints - Head/neck tension - Nausea heartburn indigestion upset stomach and diarrhea - Immune support all year long - And so much…

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Weekly menu of heartburn friendly foods - Week 6

Weekly menu of heartburn friendly foods - Week 6: Courtesy Getty Images

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An Acid Reflux Home Remedy That Works

An Acid Reflux Home Remedy that Works! Learn what potatoes, baking soda and apple cider vinegar can do to relieve your Acid Reflux and Heartburn Symptoms!