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What Is Kristallnacht

from Latitude

An Inventor of Russian Democracy

Portrait by Masha Gessen of prominent Putin critic Marina Salye, who died March 21, with great video interview.

This is a copy of Heydrich's telegram, which gave instructions on what to do for Kristallnacht. It gave the orders saying that Jewish businesses were to be ransacked, yet were not allowed to be looted (anyone caught looting, even germans, were to be arrested). AIso it said that destruction of jewish property was not to be done if it could harm non-jewish property. it gave directions to protect all non jewish property and to make sure that the German police did not stop these actions.

Mubarak's Muslim Brotherhood Prophecy - Violence must always be presented as a product of political oppression, and Islamists as the misunderstood victims. In a video of Hosni Mubarak when he was still Egypt's president, the strategies of which he accuses the Muslim Brotherhood have come to pass. What follows are Mubarak's words from a conference in Egypt (date unknown; author's translation):


Helmuth Hübener (8 January 1925 - 27 October 1942) was one of the youngest opponents to the Third Reich to be sentenced to death and executed. He lived in Hamburg, Germany, and joined the Hitler Youth but after Kristallnacht he started questioning the Nazi party, and left. He started making anti-Nazi pamphlets. On the 5 February 1942 he was arrested by Gestapo, sentenced to death on the 11 August and beheaded by guillotine on the 27 October.


Never forget what people have done in the name of a charismatic ruler :( Sepp Dietrich, Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler, April 1937.


In Normandy, German snipers remained hidden in the dense vegetation and were able to encircle American units, firing at them from all sides. The American and British forces were surprised by how near the German snipers could safely come and attack them, as well as by their ability to hit targets at up to 1,200m .What if germany enrolled a more effective Sniper program before the war instead of 1942 during the attack of stalingrad


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