This is what I’m doing for Lent…

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Why do some Christian churches honor Lent? Is it necessary to fast during Lent? What is Lent? Find out answers to these questions.

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What is Lent and what do Christians observe during the lenten season? Learn all about this 40-day period of preparation before Easter.

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Liturgical Year : Activities : The Seder Meal as a Christian Home Celebration: Preparing and Celebrating the Holy Thursday Meal - Catholic Culture

Jesus is the way... please read this! He loves us and died for us! If you are looking for something to fill that empty hole in your heart, well Jesus is literally the only thing that can fill it!

Everything You Need to Know About Ash Wednesday: A woman prays after receiving ashes on her forehead in observance of Ash Wednesday at Saint Louis Cathedral, February 6, 2008, in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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What is Lent? Read this informative summary of the history of Lent and how Christians came to celebrate it during the 40 days before Easter....

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What is Lent? This time of year many people begin wondering what Ash Wednesday and Lent are all about.

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