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Masonry Cement Here is what you need: Stone Lime stone, crushed stone or gravel Masonry cement Level Cotton twine Large nail, pencil or piece of wood Wheelbarrow Measuring tape Manual gravel compactor or a relatively long piece of 4×4 Shovel Oh yes, some light shoveling is involved!

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A Chicago Renovation Taps Into its Attic to Almost Double its Square Footage

Perhaps the most eco-friendly feature of the project is architect Mike Shively's preservation of the original structure. "I always believe in starting a project by identifying the best parts of what you have," he explains. "In this case [it was] the solid masonry construction and timber floor structure. I fired out all the perimeter walls and used spray foam insulation and Marvin windows to get a tight seal that keeps my heating and cooling costs low."

The safest route to Divine Truth is to believe nothing that you read, believe nothing that you hear, believe nothing that you feel, believe only what you know in your mind, heart and soul to be true beyond all shadow of a doubt. from “Masonry is...

This red door from Belgium is a great example of how the right trim and accents can make a great door fantastic. This arsied panel door has wrought iron grills, but what takes it over the top is the masonry carving above and around the door. We install great #doors in the Minneapolis MN area - you can accent them with your personal touches.


Masonry heaters store heat. Energy from a short hot fire is stored in the thermal mass and can provide heat all day long. It is by far the cleanest way to burn cordwood.