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Quick glance at some of the tissues of the Upper Extremity...... eg so you know what is meant by 'shoulder bursitis'...inflammation of the bursa shown!


What Is A Pagan? Is The Term Pagan Or Paganism Used In The Bible? - What does the word “pagan” mean when used in the Bible? What is “paganism?” ~ The word “pagan” originally meant a “region delimited by markers,” like a city or a state or even a region that was easily marked off. Now it literally means anyone else’s religion or belief system that rests outside of their own religion. [...]

Achnabreck - a horned spiral "The largest expanse of rock art in Britain, with rings, cups and gutters as well as some curious motifs like this horned spiral."


Your #forest is a fairy tale. (What John Mayer meant to sing in "Your Body is a Wonderland.")


fairy tail, when i saw what this meant i cried. It means no matter where you are if you see this it means im always with you even if i cant see you

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