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Why do all those midwifery pictures look like a stork has just dropped the baby off? What is that thing?

from Jezebel

What Is "Birth Rape"?

If debates about childbirth weren't already incendiary enough, here's a phrase that's being debated online lately: "birth rape." It refers not to forced sexual contact, but to violations experienced during childbearing.

The Essential Ingredient: Doula is a documentary produced by DONA International in 2010 featuring commentary by all of DONA International's esteemed founders...

from Mama Natural

Birth Doula: When to Find One, How Much to Pay & More

What is a birth doula? What does a doula do? How much do they cost? Can I have a doula if I deliver in a hospital? How is a doula different from a midwife?


If you are wondering 'what is a midwife?', read this article to find out more about midwifery and the role of midwives in providing antenatal care.

What Every Midwife Should Know About ACOG and VBAC: Critique of ACOG Practice Bulletin No. 5, July 1999, “Vaginal Birth After Previous Cesar...