The best vanilla sponge cake recipe is here! Hundreds of testimonials from bakers who have given up their other recipes for this one! Soft & spongy and....

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What is chess pie? It's an unusually named dessert that has nothing to do with the popular board game. It's a classic Southern custard pie made with milk, sugar, eggs and cornmeal. The short ingredient list - ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen right now - is one of the reasons that this pie has enjoyed such lasting popularity, in addition to the fact that the finished pie is absolutely delicious.

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What is milk paint? It's a non toxic paint you can make at home that gives furniture that awesome distressed look. Learn how to make and use it here.

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What Is Milk Kefir & how to make it - Modern Roots Blog - GRIT Magazine. Kefir means "feel good" in Turkish. It has a thick creamy sticky consistency, tastes a bit like yogurt, and has a milky, yeasty smell.

This quick and easy 3-ingredient Milk Chocolate Fudge is so creamy and smooth. It's like an amped up chocolate bar with a texture that's super addicting.

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What is Coconut Milk: The Essential Quick Guide & Reference for Using Coconut Milk Beverage, Lite Coconut Milk, Coconut Milk & Coconut Cream

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This single serving molten Nutella lava mug cake couldn’t be easier. The recipe is just four ingredients and is eggless. Hopefully you will love me and not hate me for this one. I love molten chocolate cakes. For me, my ideal lava cake has a very light, delicate cake shell, with a hot, molten, liquid center. …

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