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this beautiful galaxy in a glass called Aurora-Jungle Juice, created by the folks at The Campus Companion Party Lab. We know it might look like a photoshop job, but the drink is real. All you need is a black light and a few cocktail ingredients and you’ll have deliciously drinkable Northern Lights with which to delight yourself and your guests.


Chasing the Northern Lights in Donegal

High above the Inishowen Peninsula, County Donegal, the sky rolls with luminescent waves of greens, pinks and blues, as the Northern Lights makes its appearance over Ireland. Image © Adam Rory Porter

from Simply Stacie

Northern Lights in Canada

Northern Lights - The Aurora Borealis is also called the Northern Lights, as it is only visible in the sky from the Northern Hemisphere, the chance of visibility increasing with proximity to the northern magnetic pole, which is currently in the arctic islands of northern Canada.