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This is wonderful advice, although the only thing missing is that God and our faith in Him is what makes this healing possible.

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As we wrap up 2016, it is a great time to reflect on the question, "What is a high quality life for me?"

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Yes, fight or flight is exactly what it feels like all..the..time! Sometimes my nerves get so stretched I can feel the shaking in my arms.

revenge is beneath me but accidents happen. Dont seek revenge even though youre totally justified, NPD women LOVE it when you try to hit back so they can use your anger as fuel in their smear campaign and to pump up their victim role. Just turn her into a toad and move on.

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PTSD is NOT about what is Wrong with someone....PTSD is about what HAPPENED to someone. Show compassion.

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Narcissist - well, to bad this is what is happening to my mother. Me and the other scapegoat sibling no longer will take the crap, and are no longer remaining silent about the abuse, like how we were raised and conditioned to do so!

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