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What Is Original Sin



ARE YOU FOLLOWING MY INSTRUCTIONS - You asked Me for wisdom and guidance, and I gave you specific instructions. Are you following My instructions or are you listening to voice of others? Do not let them override what I have already told you. Stay with the original word I gave you, don’t allow anyone to change it. If you don’t listen to My voice, you will be back to where you started, confused and overwhelmed. If you want to hear what they have to say, advise you to investigate their words


Article: What is original sin? - We've all heard the word sin, but what is original sin? What does someone else's bad choice have to do with us? Learn more here. -

Be different. Be yourself. My sister's boyfriend told me the other day that, "I just do my own thing and I don't care." If I could inspire one person to QUIT caring what the world thinks and only care about what Jesus thinks, I would be satisfied. It doesn't matter what you wear, what size you are, your skin color, or your language, do you. The real YOU is the one The Lord loves and sent His son for; broken, sinful, and all. He loves the YOU He created...or else He wouldn't have created you…


What A Friend We Have In Jesus - original print from The Worship Project. This sweet sweet hymn was written by Joseph. M. Scriven in 1855, as a poem to comfort his mother who at the time lived far from him, in another country. The truth of this...


"What keeps most of us from God is not the sin we know we have, but the righteousness we think we have." ~Nate Larkin


What is the Original Sin: A Bible Study ..... "The first sin in the entire universe was pride and it came from Satan." Read more: Satan

"Jesus never heard of original sin. the term was not even used until the 4th century, .... one of its main dogmatic tenants, original sin, never occurred to Jesus. sadly, Western Christianity is dependent on, & chronically attached to original sin, but what they're really attached to is St Augustine. the fact is that most Westerners believe more in Augustine and his preoccupation with sex than they do In Jesus. " Matthew Fox


Original Sin poster! Did You Know: In Original Sin we explore what happens when someone kills the Watcher and steals one of his eyes in an effort to know all the secrets he has seen. It is in this series Odinson becomes unworthy! Amazing artwork by the great Art Adams Download at #marvelcomics #Comics #marvel #comicbooks #avengers #captainamericacivilwar #xmen #xmenapocalypse #captainamerica #ironman #thor #hulk #hawkeye #blackwidow #spiderman #vision…

THIS is the protestant version - as you will see the words "I Believe in one Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Communion of Saints, the forgiveness of sins .............................etc" are gone! - Beware Catholics - this was pinned off a Catholic page but it is incorrect and NOT AS ORIGINALLY WORDED AT NICEA!