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The Baby Making Diet: What to Eat When You’re Trying to Get Pregnant - Steven and Chris

The Baby Making Diet | Steven and Chris | Forget oysters and chili peppers. Dr. Melissa Lem shares some diet choices backed up by science that can have a huge impact on your fertility. Women The most common cause of infertility in women is problematic ovulation. According to...

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#clinicalguard ovulation test strips(ordered off of My Ovuview app kept saying my ovulation day was CD19, well obviously it was wrong lol it is actually CD15! What a big difference 4days makes!

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What Is An Ovulation Calculator

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After a long 5 year journey of trying to get pregnant through everything imaginable from thermometers ovulation sticks timing to acupuncture chiropractic work and holistic therapy we were so discouraged but decide to see a specialist. He then told us the problem . . . I had endometriosis which makes it really difficult to get pregnant. So we decided I would have a surgery to remove it and see if that would help us naturally get pregnant. Unfortunately that didn't work either so we finally…

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Yoga Poses That Aid Fertility, just two poses, what's interesting is she's very "open" I always heard legs snapped shut is the way to go, but this kind of makes sense

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"A MAN'S REAL BELIEF IS THAT WHICH HE LIVES BY..." George Macdonald. "For it is not the hearers of the law who are righteous before God, but the DOERS of the law who will be justified," Romans 2:13.

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Your Monthly Flow Chart: Fitness For Every Part of Your Cycle

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What is so hard to understand about this???? Pretty simple when you think about it. Of course, "thinking" - that might be where the difficulty lies for religious zealots.

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