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Asshole of the Day, October 25, 2013: Pat Robertson by TeaPartyCat (Follow @TeaPartyCat) Why is Pat Robertson still on the air? I mean I understand that his pronouncements about how the latest natural disaster is caused by God being angered by gays or independent women or abortion or the lack of prayer in schools don’t keep him off the air— his followers probably love that stuff, as he’s blaming someone other than them, people they don’t like much either. But what I ...

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Pat Sloan: National Sewing Machine Day, here is what I'm doing (Pat Sloan Quilt)


"#Horsemanship is knowing where to be, when to be, why to be, what to do when you get there and WHEN TO QUIT doing what you're doing." - Pat #Parelli Check out Geneviève Benoit, Licensed Parelli 3-Star Instructor at


What the hell? Why do we even need the fan? In the words of the wise: The fan is what's taking up most of the power. (In FNAF 1)

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3-Ingredient Buttercream Frosting Fudge

This 3-Ingredient Buttercream Frosting Fudge is AWESOME! Smooth, creamy, melt-in-your-mouth DELICIOUS and tastes JUST like homemade buttercream icing! Super easy and makes great gifts!

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Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

A color-changing kitty night light you turn on with a pat. | Here’s What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now