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A quick pop quiz: 1. What is the emblem of the Relief Society? 2. Why is the symbol of wheat on the Relief Society seal? 3. Why is there a torch on the


Ti watching a hippopotamus hunt, relief in the mastaba of Ti, Saqqara, Egypt, Fifth Dynasty, ca. 2450-2350 BCE. Painted limestone, 4' high.

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Would you make a trade for this building?

The triumph of Shapur I (r. 241-272). This Sassanid rock relief depicts Shapur's victory over two Roman emperors, Valerian and Philip the Arab. This is presented at Naqsh-e Rustam, where Shapur is represented on horseback wearing royal armour and crown. Before him kneels Philip the Arab, in Roman dress, asking for grace. In his right hand the king grasps the uplifted arms of what may be Valerian; one of his hands is hidden in his sleeve as the sign of submission.


Gilgamesh #Sumerian...5th King or Uruk, 2500bc. Ruled 126yrs. In the Epic of Gilgamesh he spoke with Utnapishtim the survivor of the great deluge. This scene looks like the ordeal with Enkidu and the holy bull.


Votive relief depicting Echelos and Basile, c.400 BC (marble). Echelos is roughly equivalent to Hades and Basile to Persephone; Echelos is depicted bringing Basile up from the underworld. Greek, (5th century BC) / National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece (attic hero chariot funerary gravestone heroine horse nymph tombstone)