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What is Play? Repetition of experience, exploration, experimentation, and imitation of one's surroundings. Great tips for learners with visual impairments and multiple disabilities!


Spanish Video Los demostrativos: What’s better comprehensible input than conversation with a native speaker? Videos of native speakers with Spanish subtitles and realia to aid in comprehension, with music and activities for repetition of vocabulary and concepts. Manuel tries to interest Ana in certain objects and Ana is always interested in what other people have. Ana uses the demonstrative adjectives and pronouns multiple times in context. Script, activities, quiz included


This picture represents repetition in the Principles of Design. Although the design is simple, the picture appears complex because of the exact similarity and precise positions of the lights. The lights seem as if they go on forever and ever.

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Noelito Flow

#design Like & Repin. Noelito Flow. Noel songs. follow


15 Jokes That Only True Fans Of Arrow Will Understand

this is exactly wwhat i say eery thim i watch the show tv: my name is oliver queen me: i fucking know you tell me this every fucking time!!!!

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Illustration & Drawing Inspiration

This is an example of texture. It is an example of texture because even though we cannot feel the tire we know from expirience what is feels like and we can picture it. We can also see also see the ridges and desgins.


Daze The Nomad – Review - “Addiction & Overdose” by Daze The Nomad is actually a pretty upbeat record, despite what the title suggests. The hook is repetitive enough to be stuck in your head for days (believe me, I’ve been singing it for 3 days now!). Daze The Nomad comes across as a true hip-hop purist on this record. He […] The post Daze The Nomad – Review appeared first on Indie Music Plus.