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What Is Science Definition

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21 Books That Will Teach You Something Important

Learn about what that whole "string theory" thing is. Once you read it: You'll get how science can sometimes be "the better story" after all.

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35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe

<b><a href="" target="_blank">I Fucking Love Science</a> is the liveliest science community on the web, with over 4 million fans on Facebook.</b> Here are a few of the most powerful posts.

The float or Sink poster shows the basic idea of what Density is. Includes examples of items that sink or float and a basic definition of density. Meets Texas 5th grade Science TEK 5.5A .Sink or Float Poster by Debra Finney is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Gross Science Experiments

Awesome gross science experiments! Make fake snot, find out what poop is made of, explore blood and more! Definitely not for the squeamish!


§112.12. Science, Grade 1, 3(C) Used this almost every year with my science classes. Have students draw their vision of what a scientist looks like and the work that they do. Good jumping point for a discussion on stereotypes in science! We don't all look like Einstein... ;-)