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Gold Plated Rectangle Photo Charm

Customize your special gift for Mother's day with GLAMULET PHOTO charms. 100% compatible with Pandora ball using yarn. Wrap gift up inside the ball. What a hoot! Have to do this. Hang these on the Christmas tree!!! <3 More

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The Secret to Make a New Budget Stick Forever

We all know that budgeting is one of the best ways to find savings. Anything that gets measured can also be improved. When I first started working, I kept a budget that captured every penny I spent. But what if you want to make a budget change? Here's how to create a transition budget and stick to it! | Budget Tips and Tricks | Tips for Creating a Budget | How to Create a Budget | How to Keep a Budget | Money Saving Tips || Wallet Hacks

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The Ultimate List of Secret Santa Gift Ideas

The Ultimate List of Secret Santa Gift Ideas. What a great list of small and mostly inexpensive gift ideas for lots of different personalities! These would also work perfectly as stocking stuffers! #blessedbeyondcrazy #spon #christmas


Blog | Lil Light O' Mine---amazing random acts of kindness/Secret Santa ideas for your community. Would be a great way to encourage selfless thinking during the holidays and remind the kids about what CHRISTmas is all about.


Hogwarts subjects | Herbology: Herbology is the study of magical and mundane plants and fungi, making it the wizarding equivalent to botany. Herbology is a core class and subject taught at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in which students learn to care for and utilize plants, learn about their magical properties and what they are used for. Many plants provide ingredients for potions and medicine, while others have magical effects of their own right.