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What Is Subtraction

What a great way to teach Using 10 to add. I love the visual highlighting and the number bonds. This is such an important skill to teach so that students can apply it to multi-digit addition and subtraction. If students can find the next 10, it will open up a whole new world for them.

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Love is Key.

Roll and solve a Math Fact! Roll the die and solve a simple math fact in that row. Great way to practice simple addition and subtraction!


FREE - A deck of playing cards are used for this draw cards to fill in the numbers for all the empty boxes. Then do the math fact to find out what the answer is. Scroll Down to get the other one...What's The Difference...(Subtraction) Fun activity for older students and you can actually request a deck of cards from their parents if you don't want to purchase them from the $ store.


Fact Table - This is why it is vital to teach addition strategies - it aids in understanding, fluency, and eventually memorization. ~BN

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What do you think of this subtraction poem? (found...

What do you think of this subtraction poem? (found at


Linus the Minus- have students try to remember this poem so that they will always know what to do when they see a MINUS sign!!! 1482