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The Parthenon / 3D Paper Model by Paperlandmarks- you can purchase this product and build your own Parthenon. This model gives us a good idea of what the structural components of the Parthenon appeared like in ancient times.

The Greeks were the first to use the Doric Order. The columns represented importance such as the temple and power. I also chose the Parthenon because it demonstrated the idea of the central room. We can see how overtime just as in the basilica plan and so forth in the house of the Vetti there is always a center room.

Full-Day Tour of Athens, Acropolis and Cape Sounion with Lunch The striking contrast between breathtaking monuments of a glorious past and modern elegant structures is what you will enjoy during your tour of Athens. Visit the Acropolis,the crowning beauty and glory of Ancient Athens, with its many monuments atop its rocky base, including the awesome Parthenon, the Propylea, the temple of Athena Nike and the Erechtheion, with its Porch of Maidens. Drive to the Roman Temple of O...


What If The Ancient Wonders of the World Still Stood Today? Artist Brings Them Back To Life

Just a slight diversion from the topic of this board...but it is interesting and a bit related...and it would be kind of cool to see :-) What would it be like if the Ancient Wonders of the World stood today? Artist imagines ancient wonders in modern settings.-