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What Is Thrive

What is Thrive?? ‪# #Thrive‬ is a simple 3 step system 1-2 capsules first thing in the morning before your feet hit the floor Lifestyle shake powder mix 20 mins later DFT foam (derma fusion technology), from a company called Le-Vel. All of these products are 100% natural, plant based, non GMO and gluten free. Provides sustained energy, mental clarity, joint and muscle toning support, digestive support, immune support, metabolic support, weight management, discomfort relief, headache relief…


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Thrive works and the proof is in the results! Check out the Le-Vel fanpage on Facebook to see what folks are saying, and then contact me for a 3 day sample pack of the Thrive Experience!


What is Thrive? + All Natural, Plant Based Nutrition + Weight Management + Clean All Day Energy + Relief from Aches and Discomforts + Mental Clarity + Focus + Digestive and Immune Support + Enhanced Sleep What are people saying about Thrive? Hard to describe, best if experienced. watch short video ☝Sign up FREE as a customer or promoter Wanna know more? Email #supplements #DFT #nutrition #energy #happy #amazing


Many of you are asking what's in #Thrive? Here is a simple list. Keep in mind that Thrive is an EXPERIENCE, which means that 7 out of 10 people have a different story. Ready to see what your story will be like? Follow the link below, sign up for either a #free promoter or #free customer account and then contact me to arrange your trial pack purchase.


What is Thrive? It is hard to explain, you need to experience for yourself. For me, it's energy and appetite suppressant. For Sandy it's pain management, his knees feel good enough to start playing golf again. You won't know what it can do for you until you try it.


@GolddennGoddess♛ This is my whole reason for getting my lotus sleeve. It starts at the bottom in muddy swamp type waters and blooms into a beautiful flower despite what people might have thought from first appearance.