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What is typography?

First, we’ll start with the definition: typography is the visual art of creating written words. Before the digital age, typography was a

Even though I am not a big fan of Times New Roman. I really like the used the typography placement in this piece. It is a very clean layout, but it is also visually interesting.      The font is Times New Roman. created by Victor Lardent at the English branch of Monotype. awesome use of letters as object and text block of information.

Times New Roman by Pedro Javier Arbelaez. This poster in particular is a favorite of mine. I assume this poster goes through the history of Times New Roman. What's great is that Times New Roman is the only typeface used here.

A visual guide to some common typography terms:   Key to image: 1. Bowl; 2. Stem; 3. Counter; 4. Arm; 5. Ligature; 6. Terminal; 7. Spine; 8. Ascender; 9. Apex; 10. Serif; 11. Ear; 12. Descender; 13. Crossbar; 14. Finial; 15. Ascender height; 16. Cap height; 17. X-height; 18. Baseline; 19. Descender line

Typography rules and terms every designer must know

Font Friday: Besom // Hi Friends, look what I just found on #typography! Make…

11 Free Handcrafted Fonts You Need to Download!

Autor / Texto / Lector. Erica Kitamura Book Design: Experimental Typography http://ericakitamura.blogspot.com.es/2012/02/book-design-experimental-typography.html

Erica Kitamura Book Design: Experimental Typography - to combine with real information in regular blocks

Wall Decal Quotes - Vinyl Quote Do It Today Not Tomorrow Wall Office Sticker Decor

Wall Decal Quotes - Vinyl Quote Do . Wall Decal Quotes - Vinyl Quote Do It Today Not Tomorrow Wall Office Sticker Decor

In order to really see a definable style emerge as you begin playing with brush pens, you need to master this one brush lettering technique. What's great is that it is super simple!

The Brush Lettering Technique That Can Instantly Improve Your Writing

After only playing with brush pens for a few weeks, I have improved leaps and bounds using this one simple brush lettering technique!

What happens when you have a designer as a parent. Edible ABC's. Haha. I love the Pinterest P.

Designer Dad Teaches His 2-Year-Old Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs

Designer Dad Tommy Perez Teaches His Daughter About Typography With Edible ABCs. "A is for Applesauce.

Geometrica Sans Free Typeface

[Freebies] Geometrica Sans Free Typeface is what we can have today! this regular weight is coming from Geometrica Sans Type family. This typeface is a geometric san serif font designed using the most basic shape of geometry.