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What Is Ucc

Yes to this, but at the same time, we shouldn't need the idea of reciprocity in order to help others. Are you okay with being the kind of person who sits and does nothing while other people are suffering? Are you okay with benefitting from their suffering? Is that the kind of person you want to be? No? Then maybe you should fight for the oppressed. Use your voice and your privilege to help others.


I've spent a lot of time thinking whats makes a good friend. This is such a huge component. Working on my listening ear.


A study has shown that reducing intake of carbs is far better than cutting down on calories for individuals who have to reduce the amount of liver fat quickly.


What do you think about building a greater collective field of consciousness than what exists now?

It is a good idea for leaders in the consciousness movement to synergize their energies/networks in order to build a greater collective field. A collective story is far better than a lot of little stories. A unified voice would have more power. -Bruce Li