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What Is Url Mean

Hahaha.... Brilliant... I showed my parents this, and they didn't get it, so apperently they didn't know the meaning of rock bottom, so here I found myself, trying to explain this really bad joke, hoping they'd get it, and I get stuck with parents who don't know what rock bottom is.........


Know-how is consistently evolving. It often surprises everybody with its superb means to convey forth enhancements to enhance the standard of information we work with each day. One such file is the mp3. Ever since its invention the mp3 file has turn into a staple on the subject of music and nice high quality information of extraordinarily lowered sizes. Its nonetheless in use at present and by the appears of it will proceed its reign as a favourite audio format for fairly a while to return…

Love this, but it means Senatus Populusque Romanus, or the Senate and People of Rome, just so you know.


This is totally like the time in France a student asked me what a "chomeur" in english was... and all I could come up with was "someone who doesn't have a job." It took me 20 min to remember the term "unemployed."


VIDENDA (n) "what is to be observed"; the things that should be seen or visited, especially if because they mark the character of a person or place ~~~ pronunciation | vi-‘den-da


The Psychology of Color

A infographic for the meaning of colors. The colors are very close to the survey used with several hundreds of my students and the meanings reflect what has generally been their responses to these colors so I wanted to share it with you. Created by Carey Jolliffe of To access a full size version you can read use this URL

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