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Bitcoin booms missing pieces Lightning creator Joseph Poon also stressed SegWit important as a way to pave the way for the off-trade channel network. "The main benefit of Distincts witness does not concern transaction capability - it is to resolve Satoshi's largest unresolved bug known transaction fabricability" he said. He went on to explain that if the aspects of lightning are possible without the fix the technology would be much less secure without it. Although the code change is…

Rain in Southeast - Jesus please let it rain in the Southeast. Particularly Western North Carolina and Tennessee. Please protect my daughter and dont let there be any longterm health effects from the smoke and fires down there. Please make those that started these fires be held accountable for all this damage and how they are affecting everyone down there. I read that it was lightning and the dry weather then I have read that it was a cigarette, so I dont know what to think. I know only you…

What I got to do to make you love me? What I got to do to be heard? What do I do when lightning strikes me?... Photo: Michael Mancilla #blue #shadow #moody #lights #multiplemeaning #eltonjohn #sorryseemstobethehardestword #model #body #parts #cake #behind #back #bendy #stretchy #fitgirl #fun #luckiestgirlintheworld

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What Can You Do with Money?: Earning, Spending, and Saving (Lightning Bolt Books)

What picture do the stars make alone and with lines, then check illustrations

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What Makes a Tornado Twist?: And Other Questions About... Weather (Good Question!)

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Black Opal and Platinum Diamond Art Deco Ring by Brock & Co

Few Australian 'Lighting Ridge' black opals come as fine as this this spectacular specimen presented in its original Art Deco splendor - circa 1930. The beautifully proportioned oval cabochon bursts with a multichromatic explosion of electric confetti colors against a deep black matrix background. The hand fabricated platinum mounting sparkles with three-quarter carats of diamonds. By Brock & Co., an early 20th century, high-end Los Angeles jeweler. Just shy of 1 inch long, ring size 7 1/2.


Fulgurite = Latin word ‘fulgur’ which means thunderbolt. Fulgurite is created when lightning strikes sand. The high temperature of lightning, air-temperatures over 30,000 °C have been measured, is far higher than the sand melting point of 1800 °C. The silica that sand is made up of fuses together, creating the so-called lightning glass or lightning sand.