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What Should I Draw

In high school i was in AP art. I loved to draw, paint and sketch. Art was a way to express my feelings and allow my mind to wonder to wonderful places. I enjoyed art and i was really good at it. I remember sending one of my pieces into an art show. It came back 1st place and i was very proud of myself. All through out high school i would doodle. Doodle on random pieces of paper and even on tests and homework. Art is something everyone should try because you cant get an F on artwork.

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(Short storys written by me) I walked through the halls at school, I have one of my best fake smiles on today, but i feel like they know. That deep down their not meeting my eyes today because they know what I do when I get home and close the door to my bedroom, and I have no clue if I should be terrified, or glad someone has been finally hearing my calls, for help during the middle of the night.


I can't draw well so give me requests so I can try getting better I'll only take ten though


I WANNA DO THIIIIS Lol what cartoon or anime characters should I draw?? <<Wait you know what Imma do da Avengers. <<WAIT NOW I WANNA DO NARUTO OR HETALIA WHAT SHOULD I DO?!


-I see old habits die hard, Potter. What’s to be done about that?-it’s only fitting i started this year with some good ol’ Potter/Malfoy :D (many thanks to frnkly for commissioning me and being super chill about it! i got to paint whatever floated my boat and have fun, 5/5 would do it again <3)in other news, i’ll be launching my patreon soon, i expect you guys to be voting ONLY for HP fanart in my ‘what should i draw’ polls jesus :D stay tuned!


=w= "I'm bored. What should I draw?" "Oh, you should draw ____" "Nope." "But you asked for an idea!" "I thought you would pick something I'd actually want to draw".

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