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6 gluten-free beers that don't suck

Gluten Free Beers, Gluten Free Beers List, and Wheat Free Beers List - Thrillist Nation Lager: Omission Lager

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Finally, some gluten-free beer worth cracking open

Warehouse Liquor on Central Entrance sells gluten-free beer, made from sorghum instead of wheat or barley.


Beer Contains Wheat -- Who Knew? Unfortunately for fans of the six-pack, most beers are made with barley malt. While there are some gluten-free beers, it's best to check with your doctor or dietitian about whether these are safe for you. Cheers! You Can Still Raise a Glass Wine and liquors are generally gluten-free, so you can still raise a glass and offer a toast, no matter what the occasion.


Taste Test: Gluten-Free Beers

We blind-tasted tons of gluten-free beers to find the five best-tasting brews on the market. They're so good, no one will miss the wheat or barley.

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The 2016 Gluten-Free Beer Guide

Beer lovers rejoice! We review several GF Beers so you can enjoy them suds right.

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Serious Beer: Gluten Free Options

If you were recently diagnosed with celiac disease, you may be wondering if your last beer was...well, your last. If you're a host to guests who can't eat wheat or barley, you may be curious about what sorghum beer tastes like. And if you're a restaurant, store, or bar owner, you may wonder if any gluten-free beer could be worth having in stock. We tried every gluten-free beer we could get our hands on, and the news is good: plenty of them are tasty and drinkable. While none of these are our…

Gluten Free beer "I would like to call it rather refreshing, insofar as it could easily be mistaken for a non GF beer. Really? Uh, no kidding! For those of you that enjoy lighter beers with plenty of taste and a crisp finish - - this one is for you!" Sounds like one for the summer.