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Wheel shaped

Here we have three tea bowls, or chawans, doing what tea bowls do best; nothing. But thinking of decadence just gave me a wonderful thought. Imagine one of these rough, imperfect, asymmetrical, wheel thrown and hand hewn, bowls in the hands of a French courtesan - young enough to still like her job but old enough to be of value at parties, lets say between the age of 19 and 25. I tremble at the thought. I wish I could time travel my tea bowls. All three thrown on the wheel and altered…

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wheel thrown pot with cookie cutter shapes by allie

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New Beer Flavor Wheel Helps You Articulate Your Drinking Experience

"Taken from the forthcoming book, Craft Beer World, by Mark Dredge, coming April 2013

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steering wheel---You have to be a member of Kids Soup to get the instructions for this craft but it is just a paper plate with the center cut out and then painted black. Cut strips of construction paper to make cross shape in the middle. Cut out red shape for the horn and glue to center. Really cute and simple craft for our transportation unit.

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Kawasaki J is a Real-Life TRON Light Cycle, Features Shape Shifting 3-Wheel Design - TechEBlog
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We are all born with the capacity to dream and to have vision. This is what makes us humans, the animals who can have vision and seek to fulfill it on the earth plane. This is what makes us reflections of the force that created us all. -- The Medicine Wheel Earth Astrology by Sun Bear and Wabun (Image: Delmary Dennis)

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