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When Did Ww1 End

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Life according to Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel had few friends by the end of WW2. She was a traitor to her country, France, and while he fellow citizens were being abused and murdered by the Germans occupying France, she took the sleazy path by giving her body and cache to a Nazi officer who in turn provided her with a level of luxury her countrymen never saw. Many other women who did this lost their lives or had their heads shaved and were tarred and feathered. She had no shame and ran away from Paris when the Germans were…


World war One did not officially end when the Armistice was signed (on November 11th, 1918) it ended when Germany repaid reparations it owed other nations. This just happened today, which in reality, officially ends World War 1! 10-3-2010


Mrs. Birling is the lady of the house. She is a cold hearted, superficial women that contributes to Eva's suicide by denying her the charity that her organization could have provided her when she most needed help and that left Eva in a very desperate situation. The Inspector's visit does little to change her attitude.


Antwerp 1914. Belgium had a weak fighting force of 117,000 troops, but the Germans did not subdue the defenses of the city until October, when the last elements of Belgian opposition surrendered. Germany remained in control of Belgium until their surrender in November 1918, managing to hold onto Brussels until the end of the war.


WW1, July 30, 1916 - “Guillemont, Somme: All that remains of the village at the end of the war.” Four battalions of the Liverpool Pals attacked Guillemont on July 30, but their attack did not go well from the beginning. A dense fog meant the artillery bombardment was valueless. Most of the German soldiers left their trenches and hid in No Man's Land, unseen. When the attackers went forward, machine gun bullets came streaming through the fog into their ranks.


François Christophe Kellermann (1735 - 1820); - generale di brigata nel 1789; - generale di divisione e comandante dell'armata del centro nel 1792; - comandante dell'armata delle Alpi e dell'armata d'Italia nel 1795; - ispettore generale dell'arma di cavalleria nel 1797; - presidente del senato nel 1801; - maresciallo nel 1804; - duca di Valmy nel 1807.


"My interest in WW1 comes from compassion. I wrote Fifty Good Men and True: Memories of ‘the Famous Fifty’ Volunteers Who Fought in the War to End All Wars 1914-18 and Greater Love because I did not want these men that have served our Country with honour and sacrifice to be forgotten. I started writing when I was 12 without ever knowing there was a poet in the family". Michael wrote this poem to honour his grandfather’s sacrifice during WW1.

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[Photo] Carrier Shinano in Tokyo Bay, Japan, 11 Nov 1944

IJS Shinano... 1 of only 2 known photos of the 65000 ton, 800+ ft long behemoth originally slated to be the 3rd sister of the Yamato class battleships. Not until the Forrestal class of the 1950's did the US build a larger carrier.


By the time the French Colonial Corp and the British Expeditionary Force arrived on the battlefront they did little good. Although made up of a highly regarded professional elite they were decisively defeated when they placed themselves in front of this onslaught. Nearly every fort the Germans attacked was captured and by the end of October only a small corner of Belgium remained in allied hands. The German advance was not stopped in battle but by the decision to breach the dikes of the Yser…


This photo of the recovered torp shows its propulsion end. See what we mean about steampunk sensibility? Shortly after this photo was taken, the torp was reimmersed in water to prevent corrosion, at least until it can be properly treated by preservation specialists. Its bronze structure is in surprisingly good shape for over a century in salt water, but that’s bronze for you. Durable stuff. Torpedoes today have amazing capabilities in terms of speed, stealth, autonomy, and/or operator…