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"Steeeeeve. I'm just being honest. You are the one that keeps Tony and Clint from blowing half the world up." "Buck-" "What? I'm being honest. Does Captain America want me to lie about my birthday?" "Fine. But when IRS comes knocking, I'm not bailing you out." "Eh, we'll just blame it on Tony."

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9 little things I learned from ‘Little Women’

Life's biggest disappointment is realizing that Louisa May Alcott's Little Women doesn't end the way Moe from The Simpsons says it does. ("They were no longer little girls. They were—SOB—little women.") But it's still a masterpiece. I have a lot of feelings about Little Women, and most of them end with me thinking (spoiler alert) it was very weird for Amy to marry Laurie when ALL OF US ARE AWARE that he'd rather be with Jo. (We will obviously get to this, but if I didn't let off a little ...

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A LITTLE PRINCESS (1995) Liesel Matthews. A lovely version of a childhood classic. Sara Crew, a wealthy child, is left penniless and orphaned at a girl's school when her father is purported killed in World War I. Her optimism carries her thru adversity as her situation worsens. This does have a happy ending (I'm a sucker for those). Beautiful Edwardian costumes for children of that age.

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Trade Your Snow Boots For Dance Shoes, And Just Press Play

For our Cabin Fever playlist, we asked for songs that get your blood pumping and body moving, despite weeks of cold, gray days. NPR

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I man does not die when his life ends. He dies when he and his dreams are forgotten. #blackandwhite #photography #portraits #blacksburg #Virginia #viginiaphotographer #blacksburgphotographer #winter #canon #40d

25 Quintessential New England Inns for This Fall

Fall activities like changing leaves, brewing apple cider, and cozy fireside chats are made even better when enjoyed from an adorable inn situated in New England. Here are 25 quintessential New England inns that are worth a visit this fall.

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