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Pumpkin Bread

When you take a bite of this classic Pumpkin Bread, you will fall in love with pumpkin all over again. The bread is full of rich pumpkin flavor and warm spices. It’s sweet, fresh, and will be the best pumpkin bread you’ve ever had.

DIY-Leaf-Bowl - must try this with kids when the leaves begin to fall!
from Hello!Lucky

DIY Autumn Leaf Bowls

DIY-Leaf-Bowl - must try this with kids when the leaves begin to fall!


People say books will go away and electronic books will take over.... I am saving my books! Though I love reading on my IPad there is nothing like the look, feel and smell of a book.

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Burning Bush

One of the Most Colorful Shrubs Ever Developed - Flame red is the best seller for fall color. The fiery autumn foliage of the Burning Bush makes it an excellent landscape plant... and it really draws attention when planted in rows. In summer, the cooling blue-green colored leaves are welcoming and lush. Planted as a hedge, they can...

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Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Palette

Here is your complete soft autumn color palette! Not sure if you are a Soft Autumn? Take the online seasonal color analysis quiz <= Click here to take the quiz. When in doubt, sign up for my personal seasonal color analysis... I'm glad to help! Soft Autumn Seasonal Color Analysis: War


It is not the liar I hate but their lies. A lie is a step away from reality. Loss of touch with reality is the definition of insanity. Pity the liars. They lie because they believe their own truth makes them unworthy. And when they are alone, they don't even have themselves for company.

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ISFP pics

Hint at why I don't like talking to new people. "Is acceptable for me to speak now? What do I say? When is it alright for me to speak to them again? Am I being annoying? Am I being awkward-of course I am!"