13 People Who Forgot That Today is Not Asshole Day... The chick from BYU probably stood up and walked away. Psssh! Lol

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What are you expecting? "the Lord waits (longing) to be gracious to you; and therefore He lifts Himself up, that He may have mercy on you and show loving-kindness to you..." Isaiah 30:18

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10 Ways to Play with Your Children when Play is the Last Thing on Your Mind | Little Hearts/Gentle Parenting Resources

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Pippi Langkous - Inger Nilsson (born in 1959) is a Swedish actress. She started her career 9 years old, when playing the main role in the tv-series based on Astrid Lindgren's famous children's books about Pippi Longstocking. - loved Pippi when I was a child...I wanted to be her & drove my Mum crazy wanting a pet monkey like she had!

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Our suggestion is to pick one tip and write it down in your journal. Read it everyday and start practicing it in your career every single day. http://www.classycareergirl.com/2016/01/career-advice-best-100/

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Bring it on! Oh shit, I don't wanna die. COME AT ME, BRO, YOU GON DIE TONIGHT NOT ME!

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