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When Is Tax Day

I tried to think of a twenty one pilots reference but I couldn't think of one


Randall Park Mall, North Randall, OH. The largest mall in America when it was built in 1976, the Randall Park mall was later eclipsed in size by the Mall of America. In its later years it struggled to find tenants and shoppers as the reputation of the area around it declined; unpaid property taxes led to its ultimate closure in 2009. Currently being demolished, an industrial park is slated to replace it. Everything Must Go: The Last Days of the Randall Park Mall is now live on Abandoned…


King John (1199-1216). 21st great-grandfather to Queen Eliz II. House of Angevin. Reign: 17 yrs, 6 mos, 13 days. Successor: son, Henry III. The legend of Robin Hood dates from this time in which John is portrayed as Bad King John. He was involved in intrigues against his absent brother, but became king in 1199 when Richard was killed in battle in France. Set repressive policies and taxes to fund war in France. The first written constitution, The Magna Carta, was signed during King John's…


I don't doubt that there are people ready now, because it is being threatened again! Also remember the story of the Jews in the Ghetto making a stand against their oppressors the nazi's using only one gun. 27 days is a long time when you are facing your execution. Don't take any guns!!!


This old house is near Hardy's Creek in Lee County, Va.


dear lord, it is a sad day when w is held up as a shining example of political disclosure.

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Narrow alley cafe, Mykonos / Greece (by DarkB4Dawn). (It's a beautiful world)

Café au bord de la mer, Mykonos, Grèce


Describe how our minds are a bit like monkeys. They’re mischievous. One second they’re sitting in a tree; the next they’re running through the jungle. Our job is to notice when our “monkey minds” have wandered off and gently bring them back to their tree.


The country is in a sad state when comedian jokes are the only truth we get to see and hear. The definition of funny cause its true.