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Writing Tip: How (And When) To Use Semicolons | Are you a little stuck on when is the right time to pull out the semicolon? Click through for a post with great examples to help you learn how to use semicolons.

from Crafty House

Finally! An Easy Way To Know When (And How) To Use A Semicolon!

The semicolon is used when a sentence could have ended, but didn’t” If you have ever self harmed, been depressed, or attempted suicide, you might want to be part of The Semicolon Movement. It helps serve a a reminder that your sentence doesn’t have to end, and you don’t have to end it.


Ted-Ed --> Create (& use) lessons worth sharing around YouTube videos. This one is Comma story (Click the video to get to Ted-Ed & see more videos like it!)


The semicolon is being used as a symbol of hope and love in order to raise awareness for those who are struggling with depression, suicide, addiction and self injury. A semicolon is used when an author could have chosen to end their sentence, but chose not to. The author could be you and the sentence could be your life. <3 When my husband died it almost killed me <3


Modifiers are words, phrases, and clauses that add information about other parts of a sentence—which is usually helpful. But when modifiers aren’t linked clearly enough to the words they’re actually referring to, they can create unintentional ambiguity. Emma Bryce navigates the sticky world of misplaced, dangling and squinting modifiers.