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When Was Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor Memorial ~ Oahu, Hawaii 1177 young men who were 19-20 years old lost their lives, when the ship the "Arizona" was sunk, during the bombing of Pearl Harbor. 1102 of them still lie in their watery grave in the sunken ship. Very emotional and sobering to see.


FAKE: Women firefighters douse flames during the Pearl Harbor attack. FACT: The picture was mislabeled (maybe to make it more dramatic) even in the original Time Magazine piece. But MSNBC's Bill Dedman found out two years ago that the photo, which was supposed to have been taken on Dec. 7, 1941, was actually shot during a training exercise.

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December 7, 1941 – Attack on Pearl Harbor

In the US propaganda showing hatred for Japanese was posted. In the poster above it shows an American man, wearing a patriotic shirt, present at the attack of Pearl Harbor. The man appears to be drowning in the water with sinking ships surrounding him and Japanese planes flying above, the man has his fist in the air showing his hatred and his persistence not to give up. The propaganda says Avenge Pearl Harbor our bullets will do it. This means the US will get back at Japan for their actions.

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Josh Hartnett: Josh Hartnett Pearl Harbor

Josh Hartnett - Pearl Harbor. Was so in love with him in this movie!


USS Maryland (BB-46). Was hit at Pearl Harbor but back in service and at Battle of Midway and Leyte Gulf. Received 7 battle stars for service in WWII. Decommissioned in 1947, sold for scrap 1959.


Most people think I was named for the state but it’s not true, I was named for a battleship.. the USS Arizona. My grandfather was serving on the Arizona when the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and he saved 19 men before he drowned. Pretty much everything my father did his whole life was about honoring that sacrifice. I was raised to be a good man in a storm, raised to love my country, love my family, protect the things I love. "


Tyrone Power, Lieut., U.S. Marine Corps, WW II. He was an established movie star when Pearl Harbor was bombed. Nevertheless he joined the Marines, became a pilot and flew supplies into, and wounded Marines out of, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He returned to the states in Nov 1945 and was released from active duty in Jan 1946. He was promoted to captain in the reserves on May 8, 1951.