Where did potatoes originate

Knowing the story behind the food – the ancient history, or the family history, or even the history of one particular ingredient – can infuse a dish with meaning ...

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The Pierogi, (plural – Pierogis) Pierogies are the Polish form of a handmade dumpling, made of unleavened dough, stuffed with different variations of fillings. They originate from Poland, sometime in the 13th century. Traditionally they were considered peasant food, eventually gaining popularity and spread throughout all social classes including nobles. Although Pierogies are still an important part of Polish culture and cuisine today, they are very popular in other European cultures.

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Millions of people across the United States will sit down Nov. 27 to a traditional Thanksgiving meal, including turkey, potatoes, squash, corn and cranberries. These …

Here are some interesting facts about guinea pigs. More will be added from time to time so check back soon! Guinea pigs originate from the Andes, which is a mountain range in South America. Guinea pigs are herd animals (like cows and sheep!) and do better in groups than alone. The teeth of guinea pigs …

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Sweet potatoes originate from Central America and are one of the oldest vegetables known to man, having been consumed since prehistoric times. About the 16th century, sweet potatoes began to be cultivated in the southern United States, where they still remain a staple food in traditional cuisine. It was only in the mid-20th century, that orange-fleshed sweet potato was introduced to the United States. It was called yam so as ...

Hillbilly Tomatoes - Seeds from Terra Edibles - Late. A huge bi-colour (bright yellow with red marbling) potato-leaf tomato, good slicer. Rich sweet flavour. Said to originate from West Virginia.

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