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Where Do Sharks Live

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Sharks {A Complete Nonfiction Resource}

Buy the bundle and SAVE: Nonfiction Resources for the YEARDive into learning with sharks! Your students will become shark experts with the help of this packet.This Earth Day packet covers the following topics:- About Sharks- Different Sizes of Sharks- Where Do Sharks Live?- What Do Sharks Eat?- Shark Babies- Shark Lifespan- All About Whale Sharks- All About Hammerhead Sharks- All About Tiger Sharks- All About Great White SharksHere is what is included:Part 1: Posters to hang in your… Where do whale sharks live?

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Great white shark:living legend

On a recent expedition to film the bottom of Lake Tahoe, a creature was captured on video that resembles a shark. No one is sure what is, but is it possible that there is a shark living int he extreme depths of the lake?

DNA samples found in water tell the number of sharks living in the ocean #juniorexplorers#dna#whalesharks#sharks#ocean#explore#share#protect

Great White Sharks like most sharks live in the water. More precisely underwater. And many species very far offshore or residing very deep underwater. Humans as land animals have a difficult time seeing let alone studying marine creatures (especially when they do not even have to surface to breathe or eat). Much of early shark research was based off of fishing and accidental catches yielding new specimen to study in a formaldehyde jar. Now, in a world where these magnificent fishes are being…