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Mammatus clouds over Nebraska

Mammatus clouds over Nebraska. One of the pretty sights of nature, Mammatus clouds, only occur where cumulonimbus clouds are present. It is usually linked to the after effect of tornadoes


A waterspout in Tampa, FL...basically, these are tornadoes connected to a cumuliform clouds that occur over bodies of water. Nature is amazing.


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This is an incredible photo of a microburst slamming Phoenix

Helicopter pilot Jerry Ferguson was cruising through the skies above Phoenix on Monday as thunderstorms erupted around the desert city.

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Seven Bizarre And Beautiful Natural Phenomena

Very scary: Fire whirls, fire devil or fire tornado, is a rare natural phenomenon. It occurs when a fire, combined by certain air temperature and currents, forms a whirl that rises into the air like a tornado. They can be actual whirlwinds that disengage from the flames, or else can become a vortex of flame. The fire whirl usually occurs during bush fires.


Fire Whirl: Fire whirls occur when the heat from a fire drive the air above it in such a way as to form a vortex with the cooler air outside. If this vortex acquires a vertical spin then a fire whirl, a vortex sucking flames upwards, will form.


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TOP 10 Nature's Phenomena

mammatus clouds, these strange, pouchy formations often occur in association with a thunderstorm