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Where Is Burning Man

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Burning Man Festival: Where You Can Buy Acceptance

The Temple Burns after the Man by Trey Ratcliff. Passion and excitement must be constant as it is a very high vibration that attracts the best things in life to us.


The title for A Burning Cloud comes from the poem Fallen Majesty by William Butler Yeats. The poem itself is about an enigmatic woman who drew crowds of people whenever she spoke but as time went on people forgot about her and even later crowds would would stand in the very place where she once spoke but none of them were even aware of who she was. The feeling it expresses is the same as the one I wanted to convey within my series. Fallen Majesty: Although crowds gathered once if she but…


From the playa to the wall, yes , u can have it all . A fellow burner loved this installation from burning man so much, he commissioned one for his house. ❤️👌🏼 and it is ... exactly where it needs to be ! #whatyouseekisseekingyou #wordsaresopowerful #souvenirofburningman

Do not grow old that is foolish. Collect the lessons life gives and file them under "things I have learned" but do not ever let them age you. Time is not a death march it is just an easy walk to index the exact moments you left your mark on another life. You have 60 minutes to an hour and 24 hours to a day so always give smiles freely over compliment and love entirely. Always keep the sunshine on your skin the warmth of your voice and the glow in your eyes. What created the stars also…

Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda present Millennials: The Musical Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda have teamed up to create a musical. No! Not just any musical. A musical for MILLENNIALS! Last week The Rocks Seven Bucks Digital Studios released their first mockumentaryvideo The Making of Millennials: The Musical where he and Miranda introduced the concept of their new musical and a look behind-the-scenes. The clip featured the musicals creator an…

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Sex-trafficking ring forced hundreds of Thai women to 'live a nightmare' in US

This article relates to Burn chapter 7 and sex trafficking. In Thailand, a sex trafficking ring was started that recruited hundreds of women and stationed them in various places in Thailand and the United States. Government officials caught on and the men in charged were prosecuted. This is just one example of the many sex trafficking scandals in Thailand, where it is so common for women to be tricked into sexual exploitation and have their lives turned into nightmares.

Oh, The Reynolds Pamphlet!<--- I have no idea where the picture is from but this is an amazing post


By Heinrich Heine / In 1933, copies of Heine's books were among the many burned on Berlin's Opernplatz. To commemorate the event, one of the most famous lines from Heine's 1821 play Almansor is now engraved at the site: "Dort, wo man Bücher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen." ("Where they burn books, they will, in the end, burn human beings too.").