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Henry III, King of England. Eldest son of John l & Isabella. He was 9 when he was crowned & 20 when he took control in 1227. King Henry was my 19th Great Grandfather


" Have a question and a message from the doctor. Where is my wife" "what's the message?" *BOOOM! "Would you like me to repeat the question?"


Still so much grief and pain. - After yesterdays news i have been so down today,in and out of bed sleeping and crying from the depths of my soul it all seems so unfair,i just want to love my wife where is the justice...11months now and no�relief iam exhausted and now she says its ""over move on"�and find a "nice christian girl"".God where are you what are you doing...Help me im going down hill i miss her love for me it was the fuel in the tank,your love is not the same God you dont kiss me…

from MTV News

Today my wife is We live in south Louisiana our midwife and birthing center is an hour away but they have instituted a curfew and all major roads around us are closed. All I can think of right now ...